Will Tattoo Removal Work on Dark Skin?

Tattoo removal is a particular process that involves a skilled technician using a device capable of removing tattoo ink. The problem that many patients have is that most places might promise to remove all colors on all skin tones, but when it really comes down to it, many of them fail—miserably. A failed tattoo removal can leave the patient’s skin with severe burns and the remanence of the tattoo colors that the device was supposed to remove. Although there are several devices on the market that claim to have success with all skin tones and can remove all colors, we have observed many devices that cannot distinguish darker skin tones from the tattoo and that have not been successful with removing all skin tones.

Unfortunately, there are facilities out there that will trust their technician to choose which part of the skin is tattoo and which is skin rather than having a skilled technician utilize a device that can distinguish the difference for them in order to make the session more productive and safer for the patient. Many lasers that are on the market today have been found to absorb the pigmentation of the skin instead of the tattoo ink, and this can cause scarring from burns to the area. That is why it is so important to locate a tattoo removal office that offers the most effective laser and is well experienced with different skin tones.

At Laser My Ink in Marlton we utilize the Quanta Q-Plus™ on all tattoo removal procedures, and our skilled technicians have been well trained in removing tattoos from all skin tones. To learn more about tattoo removal on dark skin tones, please contact our Marlton office at (856) 334-9070 to schedule a consultation appointment today.

Laser My Ink has been successful in removing tattoos from dark skin tones with very little to no scarring or pigmentation problems. Although results will vary from patient to patient, we are confident that most tattoos can be removed or lightened from all skin tones. The success that Laser My Ink has had in our Marlton office depends greatly on the Quanta Q-Plus™, which is complimented perfectly by our skilled technical staff. Our methods are clear and transparent, so our patients can have all of their questions answered before the process begins. The equipment we use at Laser My Ink has been FDA cleared, and the results we produce, well, they can speak for themselves. Take a look at the Before and After Gallery.

Many people believe that pigmentation problems and scarring will inevitably accompany any tattoo removal from darker skin tones, while others believe that tattoo removal is a harder process based on the darkness of the skin tones. However, although the process can have varying results, any difficulty or extreme side effect may be averted by simply having a well experienced technician who is familiar with darker skin tones perform the tattoo removal with a more than capable device such as the Quanta Q-Plus™. It is important for patients to understand that their skin tone will not increase or decrease the level of pain or soreness after the tattoo removal. In fact, effects like blistering, scabbing, swelling, and itching are all normal side effects from the tattoo removal process, and, again, skin tone does not play a role in the outcome. These side effects are an indication that the body’s immune system has begun the healing process. So don’t worry. It’s normal.

If you are ready to have that unwanted ink removed, contact Laser My Ink in Marlton at (856) 334-9070 to schedule your consultation appointment today. For a free estimate, click here.