PicoSure vs. Quanta Q-Plus C

PicoSure vs. Quanta Q-Plus C

Laser My Ink takes pride in offering excellent and effective tattoo removal services. Unfortunately, other products on the market claim to have the same effectiveness as our Quanta Q-Plus C Laser, and they seem to be selling false hopes. One device in particular is the PicoSure laser by Cynosure Inc. The creator of PicoSure sells their customers on the idea that it can remove all colors of ink in five sessions or less. As experts in our field and with years of experience in dermatology, we find their promise extremely hard to believe. However, we are not saying that a tattoo cannot be removed in five sessions or less. In fact, if a treatment center has the proper equipment and depending on the size, color, and depth of the tattoo, five sessions may provide significant results. However, there is a high chance that five sessions with the PicoSure device and its minimal wavelength capabilities will not completely remove the tattoo.

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To support our position, in 2015, a lawsuit against the maker of PicoSure, Cynosure Inc. was initiated for “negligent misrepresentation, fraud by omission and breach of contract, among other counts” (cookcountyrecord.com, 2015). The Illinois complaint indicated that the PicoSure device did not eliminate or remove tattoos as specified on its marketing material. After a software upgrade by Cynosure Inc., the dermatology facility that initiated the suit reported that the software upgrade “caused burns to some patients” (cookcountyrecord.com, 2015). The report provided by the Cook County Record website did not indicate the amount sought for damages, nor did the report indicate how or if the case was settled. Instead, the report provided the background information we needed to look further into the misuse or misrepresentation of the device.

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We found that the Cook County Record report was verified by a legal document from the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Wester Division, which was published online.

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The abovementioned report is only one of many online reports that indicated the ineffectiveness of PicoSure based on a defective device and, in some cases, user error.  This is a clear indication that the device is being sold to facilities that are unaware of the device’s limited abilities and whose employees may not have enough experience or knowledge of dermatology to successfully manage a tattoo removal.

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The bases of most of the claims against the PicoSure device have mostly drawn comments on public forums about incorrect settings that must be adjusted or incorrect wavelengths used, which are both necessary in order to remove certain colors and deeper placed ink.

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The reason why certain settings and wavelengths of the laser are important is because, under the wrong setting or wavelength, the attempted tattoo removal may lead to scarring, blistering, burning, and a negative result of the tattoo removal. An experienced dermatologist will know this very well.

Fortunately, at Laser My Ink in Marlton, we are fully trained in laser tattoo removal. We truly believe that our Quanta Q-Plus C Laser is better and more effective than the PicoSure device based on proven results, patient testimony, and professional advice that stands for more than the before-and-after pictures presented on the Cynosure Inc. website. In fact, we have seen the results first hand.

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The laser technology that we use at Laser My Ink is the Quanta Q-Plus C Laser, and it has the ability to target multi-colored pigment, as it utilizes a 694nm true ruby laser capable of treating difficult blue and green inks in the same machine with the Nd:YAG 1064 and 532 nm wavelengths for black, brown, orange, yellow and red inks. Ultimately, we believe that five sessions with the Quanta Q-Plus C Laser at Laser My Ink will be more effective than five sessions with the PicoSure laser. However, keep in mind that we are not guaranteeing removal of a tattoo in that amount of time.

At Laser My Ink in Marlton, we take pride in our business and the services we offer, and we would not set unrealistic goals for our patients. Instead, we believe being transparent with our patients while providing realistic expectations is the best practice not only for our business, but the health and well-being of our patients.

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