Laser Tattoo Removal Fears

Laser Tattoo Removal Fears

It has been reported that approximately 50 percent of people with tattoos have an interest in having one of their tattoos removed. In fact, tattoo removal is one of the most searched terms involving tattoos. There are many reasons for having interest in tattoo removal, such as professionalism, maturity, and parenthood. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), tattoo removal is becoming increasingly popular and many people don’t mind paying to clean up their skin. The ASAPS also reported that the number of tattoo removal procedures in the United States reached approximately 45,000 in 2013 compared to nearly 41,000 procedures in 2011, and the numbers continue to increase into today’s market. With as much interest as there is in having a tattoo removal procedure, there is just as much fear of having a tattoo removed

However, the biggest fear that people should have is the fear of an inexperienced technician pointing an ineffective laser at them. The results of an unlicensed and inexperienced technician using the wrong laser setting or wrong laser attachment can leave people with ugly scars and ink blotches from unsuccessful tattoo removal procedures. So we understand why many people fear the tattoo removal process. Fortunately, there is absolutely nothing to fear at Laser My Ink in Marlton. Thanks to advancements in technology, people can feel safer with receiving a tattoo removal treatment, as it is not as painful as it used to be and it’s quicker than ever before.

At Laser My Ink in Marlton, we took the time to research the most effective laser for tattoo removal on the market. That’s why we use the Quanta Q-Plus™ C for all tattoo removals.

We understand your fears and concerns about tattoo removal, that’s why we offer a free consultation to go over any questions that you may have before we begin the process, but we highly encourage you to view our website, as many questions can be answered there as well.

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